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The Scott Family — Founders & Farmers

Amanda-and-brian-scottAmanda & Brian Scott met in 2008. Amanda settled back in Colorado in 2004 after her travels through the states.  She has a degree in hotel and resort management and has many years experience in restaurants and fine dining with an ultimate goal of one day owning her own restaurant that was sustained by her own farm. Brian after moving to colorado  in 1994  worked and began a masonry apprenticeship.  This combined with landscape design experience and a construction background he slowly developed Boulder Stonescapes LLC.   In 2007  Brian started The 63rd St. Farm with the intention of building a permaculture based working farm that feeds families.  Brian has two sons Christian and Jacob.  When They met Amanda was the GM of the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House, in Boulder Colorado.  Brian sold the farms vegetables to the Tea House once a week and needless to say  it shortly turned into his favorite delivery.  Then in 2009,  there was a different kind of delivery, Abby Jean Scott was Born(their daughter)!  In order for Amanda to stay home with the baby she did not go back to restaurants and now runs the day to day operations of the farm.  They restructured and the 63rd st. Farm CSA  was formed.  Since then,  the CSA has been built to feed 350 families.  Now they are in transition on the farming operations to host more on farm Concert farm meal events.

Amanda and Brian also have a passion for “Permaculture Design” and showing the community and families how to incorporate regenerative systems of agriculture into their home/business/world.  Amanda and Brian both have Permaculture Design Certificates and work the farm through these methods.  Together they are able to combine their businesses to help develop other properties for people who want their own permaculture based edible landscapes and hardscapes.


Abby Scott – Royal Fibers, LLC – Founder/owner

Abby Scott (Amanda & Brian’s Daughter) started Royal Fibers when she was 10 years old, in 2019.  She started off by doing a 10 page report on alpacas and how to raise them, what to feed them and not feed them.  She got help acquiring 10 Huacaya alpacas and worked out a trade with her parents to use their manure on the vegetable farm.  Win Win.  She is then able to shear them each year and sends off the fiber to a mill here locally to have it spun into yarn for our members to enjoy some of the most sought after fiber.  In 2020 she also acquired 4 Suri alpacas, who’s fiber is even more luxurious.


You can come to a CSA pick up on a Thursday during the season between 3p – 7p to purchase some yarn from the alpacas you drive by everyday.  The skeins are labeled with the name of the alpaca they are from even.  Now that is local fiber!  They make great gifts as is or even if you make a hat from them.


Avery Ellis — Aquaponics Entrepreneur

Avery-Ellis Avery Ellis, the owner of Integrated Aquaponics is a sustainability specialist and ecological designer. He focuses on designing sustainable ecosystems that serve humanity through natural processes. He has a Masters degree in Ecological Design through SFIA and a BS in Biology & Sustainability through Stockton College. He is also a Certified Permaculture Designer and Teacher.


As the old saying goes, ” Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” In that same way, Integrated Aquponics can feed you for a lifetime, with organic, grown at home goodness. Please contact us to see how we can help you to transform your home into a place where food and life can grow together. Thank you for visiting!


The Eliasson Family — Settembre Cellars Winemakers

Tracy-and-Blake-EliassonSettembre Cellars was founded in 2007 by winemaker Blake Eliasson. Since 2007 Blake has made the move from full-time engineer to full-time winemaker, added a Graduate Certificate in Enology and Viticulture from UC Davis to his PhD in Electrical Engineering, and immersed himself into life as a winery owner. Blake finds winemaking to be a perfect mix of science and nature and has developed a winemaking style that employs his background in measurement science.

Tracy also has a background in engineering with degrees in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and works full time in that field. With a passion for image processing Tracy has fun with winery graphic design and also lends a hand with crush, bottling, labeling, and of course, barrel tastings. Thee newest member of their family and future winemaker is 2-year-old Oliver.

Antonio Laudisio — Chef/Owner of Laudisio’s Catering

antonio-laudisioAntonio Laudisio, former owner of Ristorante L, (formerly known as Laudisio Ristorante Italiano) in Boulder, has been serving up carefully crafted Italian food since 1989. He and his wife, Patricia, keep the same standards for their home kitchen.

As a first-generation American, Antonio Laudisio’s Italian immigrant parents put him to work in their mom-and-pop restaurant in Miami. That is, until the family learned about U.S. child labor laws. “I got busted on child labor,” he says. But that didn’t stop him from loving the kitchen: Antonio studied philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris, immersing himself in French food culture, before returning to the States and opening Laudisio Ristorante Italiano in 1989.